“We get one bill instead of 150, and it is coded and ready for accounting.”

Duane Morris

When you are dealing with carriers directly, your invoice management processes are clearly a challenge.  Not only are you dealing with invoices from multiple carriers, but often multiple invoices from the same carrier. vCom believes this is far too complicated.

The Invoice Module in vManager resolves this problem.  Now you have one invoice for all wireline services, and each of your wireless invoices is normalized so that they look the same whether they are from Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or any wireless carrier.

vManager’s Invoice Module vastly simplifies the invoice process,eliminates confusion, and provides clarity across your Finance and IT teams. Before, one carrier might call the same charge something different on a bill in California vs. a bill in Texas.Now, all charges for all services across the country will be called the same thing and will appear on one invoice.  That feature charge in California will have the same name as that feature charge in Mexico, Texas or Vermont.